Emili Rackemann

Women Composers...they were all forgotten

One could not challenge the ongoing resurrection of the Greats. Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn to name a few, continue to fulfil our hearts and our minds. Women composers, they were all forgotten.

Notable for her richness of material, Australian composer and pianist Emili Rackemann carries her ancestors expertise, naming Frederic Rackemann and brother Ludwig of Germany who were captivating European audiences playing triple concertos with Felix Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann.

Born and raised in remote Central Queensland, Australia, Emili Rackemann may be contradictory to what defines a composer, however creatively her mind continues to challenge the predictability of piano performance through creating dramatic realities and fictional stories, showcasing a unique and unforgettable collection of compositions. 

Since her studies, Emili has recorded seven albums and composed over 140 original compositions ranging from classical to contemporary in genre.  It seems almost obligatory to point out that Emili’s music is not easily categorised, although words used to describe it include meditative, contemplative, melancholy, wistful and elegiac. 

For Emili, composition can happen in different ways. She improvises at the piano, invents melodies in her mind but also hears them while out in nature.With a strong desire to reintroduce women composers into the limelight, there is no doubt Emili is ready to represent the new age virtuoso of piano composition.

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