Emili Rackemann Women Composers...they were all forgotten


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  • 16.04.2018 Article
  • What does music mean to you personally? Music to me is a gateway to ones soul. It allows me to connect with others in ways which words cannot. I have always been fascinated with vibrational energy, sacred geometry and how sound effects the human body on a cellular level. I feel music is the most profound healer and holds many answers to how the Universe operates. In my opinion, everything is frequency therefore music plays a very important role towards my wellbeing. It is a wonderful portal to ...
  • 'AUSTRALIA AND CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL MUSIC' by composer-pianist Emili Rackemann
  • 12.07.2014 Article
  • As a composer and pianist here in Australia, contemporary classical music has, to some extent, remained secure, controlled and bound to black formal attire and large biographies, rather than an appreciation of ones unique journey, which may not always include elaborate reviews praised by critics. Slowly, I believe the paradigms of how classical contemporary music is perceived in Australia, is diminishing, and new ways of marketing contemporary music are being explored. Now, artists of diverse ...
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